Even as we move further and further into the digital age of banking and finance, there are still many customers who prefer to do their banking in-branch. People are more comfortable making big financial decisions (like mortgages, investments and loans) face to face. The In-Branch feeling of security is critical in making sure customers feel safe when they’re dealing with money matters, and our innovative solutions make the most of cutting-edge AI and surveillance technologies to help financial institutions show their customers that their money is in safe hands.

The Solution

Strengthen Bank Security System

  • • Early Warning of the Incident
  • • Post-Incident Investigtaion
  • • Ultra HD Surveillance
  • • Integrated Security System

Enhance Bank Business Operation

  • • Data driven decision making
  • • VIP Customer Recognition
  • • Remote bank branch operation monitoring
  • • Internal Compliance Supervision

The Benefits of Facial Recognition

  • • Automatically captures any faces that are in the field of view.
  • • Real-time face comparison.
  • • Ability to search via a facial attribute.
  • • You are also able to search by uploading an image of the target's face.
  • • Ability to search face and snapshot records