Construction sites pose many security and safety challenges - from vehicle safety to dangerous chemicals and materials, not all dangers are immediately visible. Keep personnel costs down and dangers monitored in real time with our solutions, and keep your sites and staff safe even when dealing with hidden dangers, thanks to our intelligent identification products.

Trends - China Construction Industry Information Development Report (2017)

Informatization: 1990-2005:

  • • Single service tool: CAD, Engineering Cost Software.
  • • Integrated management software: ERP, Project management software.
  • • Analog CCTV Solution.

Integration: 2005-2015:

  • • Focus on the production line and multi-technology system integration.
  • • Refined Management: BIM Technology
  • • IP CCTV Solution

Intelligence: 2016-Now:

  • • IoT perception: comprehensive perception, real-time acquisition, data structuring, visualization.
  • • Material Fusion: Big Data Processing, Data Model, Intelligent Analysis.
  • • Data interconnected.

Recommended Product

Cognitio offers the 8 x 2MP Multi-Sensor Panoramic Network Cameras & PTZ Camera. This camera works by combining eight 2MP sensors, which work in tandem, to create 360° panoramic surveillance. From video analytics and multi-track algorithms, this camera can automatically or manually detect tripwire and intrusion of multiple targets in the detection area. With these excellent features, this camera can meet high security requirements.