Educational focus on CCTV is consistent from early years to university - maintaining a safe and secure school without creating an oppressive environment that hinders learning. Our new product range helps security-minded educators keep an eye on the classroom without getting in the way of our teachers as they nurture and inspire our future.

School Entrance - Facial Recognition

Education Facial Recognition

Reduce Labor Costs:

  • • Facial recognition is realized by using equipment, which reduces the investment of security personnel.
  • • Attendance results can be directly derived without human statistics.

Improving Security:

  • • Using facial recognition functions and security personnel to manage together can reduce or even eliminate the entry of outsiders.

School Entrance - ANPR

School ANPR

Convenient Management to Reduce Labor Costs:

  • • Identify white-listed vehicles and open barrier without security personnel.
  • • Keeps blacklist vehicles out of the school.