Industrial Park

Reduce both security labour costs and traffic buildup in your industrial park with our intelligent monitoring systems. Detect multiple individuals not cleared to be on site simultaneously without the need for costly security guards, and collect evidence seamlessly. Keep track of vehicles moving in and out of the building with ANPR technology, putting an end to stopping each car at the gate. Improving flow in and out of the building helps your business maintain a positive image in the local community and our automatic tracking and identification systems will put an end to lost access cards and staff forgetting where they've parked.

Office Monitoring

Office Monitoring

Fisheye Cameras

  • • Having a fish camera in the office reduces the quantity of cameras needed.
  • • Supports VR Technology - uses intelligent algorithms to simulate and generate an environment, allowing people to feel an interactive 3D dynamic.

Supervising the Production Line

The Solution

  • Phase 1: Install the cameras above the production lines, to track the production record. Also the manager able to check the real time video by mobile phone remotely.
  • Phase 2: Deep integrated with MES, when there is alarm triggered by MES, pop up the video in control center, also the alarm record combined with alarm history in MES.

Warehouse Fire Prevention - Thermal Cameras

Thermal Camera Solution