Business owners have a lot to pay attention to in the world of retail. Our products can allow you to stay ahead of the shoplifters whilst keeping one eye on the warehouse and stock, allowing you to focus on keeping customers happy and staff levels under control. Making loss prevention easier means your staff can focus on keeping the retail environment welcoming for customers, and a strong security system makes managing all aspects of the business easier, be it property management or warehouse stock control.

Smart Retail Solution

Retail Solution

Loss Prevention

  • • Surveillance without blind spots.
  • • Thief recognition.
  • • POS integration.
  • • Super Panoramic.

Operation Management

  • • AI heat map.
  • • Customer Demographic.
  • • Customer flow analysis.
  • • Merchandise insight.

Better Shopping Experience

  • • VIP recognition.
  • • Queue management.
  • • Smart advertising signage.
  • • Card less access control.
  • • No ticket and no stop.

Entrance - VIP & Thief Recognition

Theif Recognition

VIP Recognition

Notify the staff to provide VIP service in time when members enter the store to enhance customer loyalty.

Thief Recognition

Alert the staff to pay more attention to the suspects when they enter the store to prevent the losses.

Checkout Counter - POS Integration

Checkout Counter POS

Proof for Transaction Dispute

Provide evidence when a transaction dispute occurs, such as wrong change.

Avoid Employee Fraud

A public view monitor next to the cashier can effectively discourage and deter employee fraud.

Store floor - Surveillance without Blind Spots

Store Floor Surveillance

Dewarping Mode

  • The use of AI Fish-eye Camera.
  • Full view of store.
  • 1 Fisheye Camera is the equivalent of 8 conventional CCTV cameras.