Accidents involving motor vehicles are still one the leading causes of death worldwide. Even with driverless cars starting to make progress into mainstream traffic, current trends suggest that user driven vehicles will continue to dominate the market for the forseeable future. As cities continue to grow, their vehicle infrastructure and traffic systems see additional stresses. Keep your traffic flowing seamlessly and public transport safe and secure. Identify areas of improvement easily whilst keeping manual labour costs down, efficiency up and empowering city planners to keep things moving.

Airport Terminal - Passenger Searching System

Terminal Passenger Searching System

Airport: Use this solution to help and ensure that every passenger catches their flight. This will improve passenger satisfaction and travel experience.

Passenger: Never miss a flight.

Airline: This solution will result in a reduction of losses and saves you the hassle of having to send luggage back to the original airport.

Airside - AR Tower

Airside AR Tower

Label Identity of Aircraft: Use AR technology to overlay Flight No. on relevant flight.

Auto Tracking Aircraft & Vehicle: Automatically track aircraft and vehicles and display in picture-in-picture mode in the panoramic view.

Flight Status Display: Show the current status of the flight, such as cabinet door opening, refueling and so on.

Improve Dispatching Efficiency: Provide AR Panoramic Dispatching System and improve airport dispatching efficiency.

Illegal Parking Solution

Illegal Parking Solution