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It couldn't be easier to become a Qvis trade account holder.

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1. If the seller agrees to provide credit facilities to the buyer, I/We as primary obligors, hereby unconditionally and irrevocably guarantee to the seller the due payment and discharge by the buyer of all the buyer's present and future indebtedness to the seller.

2. If the buyer defaults in payment of any indebtedness to the seller when due I/We shall pay to the seller on demand, without set or other deduction, an amount equal to the amount so unpaid.

3. Our/My agreement to make the above payments shall not be discharged by time or any other concessions given to the buyer by the seller or by anything the seller may do or omit to do, shall be in addition to any other guarantee or security held by the seller at any time for any indebtedness of the buyer, shall be a continuing liability, shall not be discharged by any intermediate settlement of any indebtedness of the buyer, shall remain in effect until all indebtedness of the buyer is discharged in full, shall remain in force notwithstanding any failure, defect, illegality or unenforceability of or in any of the buyer's obligations in respect of any indebtedness to the seller and where given by more than one person, shall be binding on each such person jointly and severally.

4. I/We have read and understood the seller's terms and conditions and agree to abide by same.